3 Things Everyone Should Know About Bail Bonds

26 January 2021
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog


Jail is useful for keeping criminals off of the streets, but there are also innocent people in them that are only locked up due to being suspects. All it takes is for the authorities to have reasonable cause to believe that someone committed a crime to legally be able to lock them up. Unfortunately, the suspect must follow the law and remain behind bars until they are able to prove their innocence. However, in most cases, a job will allow the suspect to get out of jail by paying a specific amount of money that is based on the severity and type of crime that was allegedly committed. Basically, bail bonds companies are able to help people get out of jail when these defendants are not able to afford the bond amount that a judge sets.

1. Getting Out Doesn't Mean You're Innocent

Just because a judge may agree to let you get bailed out of jail, it doesn't automatically mean that you are innocent. The judge is simply trusting that you will not try to skip town and become a fugitive in an effort to avoid possibly having to go back to jail. You will actually be mandated to attend a trial that is used as a way of determining if you are guilty of the crime that you are accused of or not. It a good idea to go to trial and use your time out of jail to focus on building evidence for your case and your character. If you decide to skip your trial, it will likely end up with you being arrested and given more time behind bars than you would have had if found guilty of the crime.

2. Collateral Might Be Needed For Bail

When you get in touch with a bail bonds agency, there might be stipulations in regards to getting help. For example, you might need to provide some type of collateral, as you will basically be getting a loan. Keep in mind that you can ask a loved one to fill out the application on your behalf and use their own collateral if it is necessary. Jewelry, a property deed, and many other things of value can be used as collateral.

3. Bounty Hunters Can Be Used to Find You

Bail bonds agencies have the right to find you if you don't go to court for trial. The authorities will be notified, and bounty hunters can be used as well. Keep in mind that bounty hunters might enter your home and search the property to find you if necessary. Bounty hunters can also search for you on a national basis. 

Bail bonds can be a lifeline when you are in jail. Why not try these out and reach out to a bail bond service if you find yourself in need of bail money? A local bond agent can be a great resource in this situation.