Tips For A Great Payday Loan Experience

26 December 2014
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Payday loans have been demonized by the press, condemned for having too-high interest rates and made out to be a tool for lenders to use to prey on unsuspecting borrowers. While it's true that not every borrower has a good experience with these types of loans, the truth is, payday loans can be a very useful tool for managing unexpected expenses. The key to having a great experience with borrowing money through a payday lender is to understand how the loan works, and make smart choices in how you manage the repayment of your loan. Read More 

Calming The Chaos: How To Take Control Of Your Financial Destiny

22 December 2014
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Keeping the rent paid, the utilities on and food in the cupboard can be an exhausting process, especially for families who have suffered a job loss or a reduction in hours due to the recent problems associated with the lackluster economy. When even more pressure is added by credit card bills, car payments or student loans, many couples begin to lose focus and hope. Whether you have suffered some type of job loss or would just like to find a way to take control of your family's financial destiny, here are some tips to help you get started. Read More