Useful Billing Tips For Radiation Oncology Practices

8 March 2023
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog


If you have your own radiation oncology practice, an important part of being successful is properly managing its billing. This is how you get paid after all, so you want to be methodical in how you deal with it for years to come. Here are several billing practices you might look into for the well-being of your practice.

Research Relevant Coding Guidelines

It's important to note that there are specific coding guidelines that are relevant to radiation oncology. You want to comply with them from the very beginning so that you're able to charge patients for the right services and thus receive money on time. 

These coding guidelines are readily available online too. You just need to make sure relevant staff members understand them before they begin working for your radiation oncology practice. You'll want to continue to test their knowledge of said codes too to ensure there aren't any lapses in proper coding procedures.

Make a Note of Insurance Changes

There will be patients that eventually change their insurance information. These changes will affect your billing practices and because of this, make sure you account for them each time they happen. Then you can trust your radiation oncology practice has up-to-date patient information that can help facilitate the reimbursement process.

Something that your radiation oncology practice can do is ask patients directly if they've changed their insurance each time they visit. Then these changes won't fall through the cracks and subsequently have a negative impact on your billing practices. 

Use Technology to Automatically Check for Billing Errors

Your radiation oncology practice will have a much harder time dealing with billing if you constantly make billing errors. They can lead to delays and claim denials even. For this reason, it might be a good idea to use technology that automatically checks for billing errors for every patient that comes into your practice.

This will make it far more convenient to identify billing errors and adjust them before claims are submitted to health insurance companies. You just need to invest in software that's proven to be accurate with billing error assessments.

If you want to run a successful radiation oncology practice, you have to get billing down to a science. You can if you work diligently to prevent errors and educate your staff on proper billing practices from the very beginning. Then billing can be an area you succeed in for years and years.  

Contact a local radiation oncology billing service to learn more.