Don't Make These Mistakes While Out On Bail

3 November 2022
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Bail allows those in jail to be released. A bail bond is a less expensive option for gaining that release. However, both bail and bail bonds come with a lot of rules. Failing to follow the rules will result in a tangle of new charges and problems for the defendant. Read on and learn about mistakes to avoid while out on a bail bond.

Keep in Touch

When you get out of jail using a bail bond, you may be dealing with rules from both the court and the bail bonding agency. The bail bonding agency offers defendants a way to get out of jail for a lot less money than what the court charges. In exchange, though, the bail bonding agency is responsible for ensuring that the defendant returns to court. To monitor clients, some bail bonding agencies and court officials require regular contact in person or by phone.

Remain in the Area

Those out on bail are expected (and ordered) to remain in the area. They may not be allowed to leave the state, for example. If you must go out of the state, get permission from your bail bonding agent first. The ability to be able to travel outside the area depends on the charges and the criminal record of the defendant. Coordinate with both the courts and your bail bonding agent if you must travel.

Don't Get Arrested Again

In most cases, one of the main conditions of being out on bail is to not get arrested for any reason. Defendants who are arrested may have their bail revoked. That means they are jailed on both the original charges, the secondary charges, and perhaps other bail violations. Those arrested may not be able to convince the judge to let them out of jail on bail again. Defendants may be waiting months for their case to come up in court while waiting in jail.

Failure to Appear

By far, the main reason for bail is to encourage defendants to return on their court dates. Bail is only possible if the defendant promises to do so. Failure to appear in court on the appointed day and time is a huge problem. The judge may issue a bench warrant for the defendant's arrest. Failure to appear is another charge that is added to the defendant's charges. However, you may have good reasons for missing court. Be ready to prove that you were very ill, already in jail, unavoidably detained while traveling, etc.

To find out more about bail bonds, speak to a bail bonding agent about your situation.