Thinking Of Rennovating Your Old Commercial Property? Get A Loan And Take These Steps To Improve Your Property Value

22 November 2019
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog


An outdated business interior can make people feel like your services are outdated, and if you own a commercial property, you have to maintain it. If your building is decades old and it shows, you may want to consider getting a business renovation loan.

If there is equity in the building, you can potentially use this equity to make changes to the building without having to tap into savings. If not, spending the money and getting the loan will help you improve the space, and it will increase the value of the business. Here are some of the things to do to get the project started.

Talk With a Loan Officer

The loan officer will look at your credit, the revenue your business brings in, and the equity that is in the commercial property, and they will determine if you can get a loan. They also will tell you how much the loan will be for, what the interest rate will be, and how much you have to put down.

With this information, you are able to start talking with contractors about the changes that you want and need. Taking out a loan so you don't have to cut out things you want is an ideal option because you want to improve the property as much as possible with the renovations.

Get Estimates for the Job

Have more than one commercial property remodelling company come to assess the property. They will look for expenses beyond the cosmetic upgrades like:

  • Materials with asbestos
  • Lead paint problems
  • Plumbing and electrical concerns
  • Roofing condition

When they look into all these things and then help you pick out a layout that you would like for the building, along with the new materials, they can provide you with an estimate for the work that's needed.  This allows you to see different ideas and cosmetic suggestions.

Going with a clean and modern look that won't go outdated easily is best because you want the building to look clean and stylish for decades to come. If you know that you outdated building is turning people away and you want to get the building enhanced and improved, you want to find the right remodeling contractor that can help you with the job. You can go over the estimates with the financial institution that is going to give you a loan to see what they suggest from a financial standpoint.