Taking A Swim In The Money Pool: How Other People Get In And Get Out Richer

25 September 2019
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog


Trying to get more money always seems the name of the game, right? It is rather frustrating, day after day, week after week, trying to chase down every dollar. Maybe that is why so many people risk their hard-earned dollars on playing the lottery. It represents the chance of a lifetime, that chance that they will not have to squeeze and scrape anymore. If you play the lottery for that same reason but you are tired of losing, maybe you need to find a pattern in winning behavior. Here is how to take a swim in the money pool and come out a little bit richer than when you went in. 

Lottery Pools

First things first: who wins the lottery more often than not? This one guy over here and that one girl over there are actually rare examples. The people winning the lottery are the groups playing. Big groups of co-workers are pooling their money together to buy lottery tickets, and they are the ones winning the big dough. Sure, they have to split it ten to fifty ways, but they are still winning sizable amounts of money that they could not and did not win alone.

If there is a lottery pool at work, join it. If there is not a lottery pool at work, suggest it and see who wants to jump on the luck wagon with you. Start a lottery pool with friends and family or some of your neighbors, too. Increase your odds by increasing the "target" for the lottery arrow to hit. A company like ezpooling.com can provide more information.

Play the Scratch-offs Too

A guy in Maine recently won the lottery for the second time. He won the big money playing the lottery numbers the first time (which is incredibly difficult to do), and he won the second time by playing scratch-offs. The image of someone endlessly buying rolls of scratch-off tickets and spending hours scratching away at tickets with a fingernail or a coin sounds insane, but it is not. There are some really huge prizes to be won on those scratch-off tickets, and they are worth playing. Your pool of friends, family, or co-workers can all buy a bunch of scratch-offs together, and then you will have extra hands scratching away to find the pot of gold for everyone to split. You may want to agree ahead of time that anything less than $50 goes back into the pool or the finder keeps it that week.