3 Reasons You Need A Quick Short Term Loan

29 January 2015
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Unexpected expenses can come up in life at the worst possible times. This ironic fact makes you scrambling to come up with some money quick. Instead of taking on a second job or selling some of your possessions, a short term cash loan can help you out until next payday. Here are three reasons you may need to head over to a company like USA Cash Services to get a short term loan.

You Didn't Get a Christmas Bonus

Some companies give their employees a Christmas bonus, and some don't. If your employer usually gives you a Christmas bonus, but recently canceled them, you may be in need of some extra cash for Christmas. 

A recent survey found that 52% of small businesses planed to give their employees a bonus in 2014. For many people an end-of-year or Christmas bonus helps to pay for Christmas presents for family and friends. When all your income goes toward the monthly bills, there is usually little money left over. So, if you don't plan to save a little bit each month for Christmas presents in December and you don't get a bonus, you won't have enough money for Christmas shopping.

A quick loan for a few hundred dollars is a smart way to make up the gap in your paycheck so you can get all your loved ones presents.

You Need Money for Car Accident Repairs

Getting into a car accident is never a fun event, especially when you don't have the money to pay for your auto insurance deductible. Without the few hundred dollars to pay your insurance deductible, your insurance won't cover your vehicle's repairs. If your vehicle is not driveable, you are going to be out of luck for your own transportation, unless you can borrow a car. 

You need to get your vehicle repaired so you have transportation to and from work and all your other errands. A short term loan for the amount of your insurance deductible will get your car in the shop to be fixed. And, you can usually get your loan the same day.

You might choose to pay for the repairs yourself because you can't afford to make another claim with your auto insurance and risk being dropped as a customer. In this situation you will need to get a bit more money together to pay for the auto body shop bill. The average collision claim in 2012 was $2,950, so you are going to need a more sizable short-term loan to get your car fixed.

Your Home Computer Broke

The U.S. census reported in 2013, 83.8 percent of U.S. households owned a computer, so the chances are pretty high that you use a computer daily. You probably also use your computer's internet to pay bills or shop, so your computer is pretty important. If your computer stops working, has an accident and crashes to the floor, or meets another untimely death, you will be in need of a new home computer. 

Fortunately, the price of computers has come down over the years, so they are more affordable. But, unless you are going to replace your desktop computer with a laptop or a tablet, you will need to have some extra money available to replace your computer. The average price for a desktop PC today is anywhere from $275 to $1600. If you want to go with a Mac, the price of a Mac is more than double the price of a PC.

A short term loan is the easy way to get quick cash that you can pay back over the next few months. With the right paperwork, including paycheck stubs, a utility bill, and a valid driver's license, you can be on your way to getting your needed cash. These three examples show how short term loans can help you out in a financial tight spot.